Hi how are you!

I don't know how or why you got here, but it turns out that you just landed on my website.

My name is Ciro and I am passionate about Joomla! for more than 15 years. I am a perhaps a little atypical programmer, obsessed with being in control of the sites I develop, which is why I have matured over the years a series of extensions that help me in this task. Now my purpose is to release them progressively, and thus do my bit to support the Joomla! Community.

I will do it for version 4 -which is currently in the Beta 3- version and will soon become a stable version.

The extensions will be GPL and free, I will publish them when I live on GitHub, JED and on this website.

If you want to contact me I will be happy to assist you on my Twitter account or Linked In .


Some advances and starting points:

  • This website is of course developed in Joomla 4 (Beta 3).
  • This website DOES NOT USE THIRD PARTY OR PERMANENT COOKIES, we only put session cookies (they come standard) that we do not use at all at this time (and they are deleted by themselves when you close the browser). At the moment we collect the statistics on the server, but I am looking at options, we will see if log or client, but always without permanent cookies.
  • As I said, I am obsessed with clean code, and at the moment I can boast of a PageSpeed ​​of 100 ( see ), both on computer and mobile, I suppose it will go down as I integrate design layers, but in any case we will try to maintain it as high as possible.
  • All the extensions that I will be releasing for Joomla 4 will always try to be as efficient and less intrusive as possible. It is a mania.
  • Soon they will be available:

    • Template ASM: it is the template that I am using on this website right now. It is a simple template to be able to develop complex sites.
      The intention is to be able to have a template that is as simple as possible so that you have control of the application at all times.
      It will be the developer who will be able to enrich it, both with their own programming and designs and with the ASM extensions that we will publish and that will be complemented with it.
      If you like clean code and Joomla take a look at the one on this page.
    • AMScode component and ASMcode Module: two extensions that allow the development of own extensions in a very simple way, both for the developer and for the user.
    • ASM SEO, ASM favicon, ASM Share, ASM NoAdmin, etc ...


See you .... Ciro.