One of the first things we should do when we put a Joomla site into production is hide access to the administrator .

Nobody should access the /administrator folder of your website , neither curious, nor robots nor of course hackers. It is necessary to hide that folder for safety and also for a bit of modesty.

Joomla does not have that option by default (it should) so I have developed a simple free plugin to prevent the administrator from being "on the air".


You can download it >>>>>>>>>> by  clicking here .


The installation is like any other plugin , you install from the extensions installer and then from the plugins section you access to configure and publish it.


It is extremely simple, you just have to configure three parameters, key, value and redirection :

Key will be the name of the variable and value its required value.
Redirect path , it will be to the place where we will redirect the user if he does not enter the required URL, which will be: (your site)/administrator?Key=value


  • When activating the plugin it will be necessary to add to the Joomla administration path ? Key = value , previously configured in the plugin.
  • If it is not configured correctly or the path is forgotten, you will not be able to enter the administrator , if that happens you will have to deactivate the plugin code via FTP or deactivate the plugin from the database .
  • This is a free and open source plugin , which therefore DOES NOT OFFER any guarantee of its operation.


If something moves, let's configure it this way:

Then the path to access the administrator would be: (this is an example).

The code is also available on GitHub  in case you want to contribute.

I hope you find it useful, I develop free software to contribute to the Joomla! Community.

Well, for now, nothing more, I hope the script will help you like me, and if you want to contact me you have me at:

If you want to help me
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