Español is developed with Joomla 4 . It couldn't be otherwise ... I wanted to put a website into production with the new version of Joomla!

If I remember correctly , I have been linked to Joomla! For more than 15 years. , even before it was called that (before it was called Mambo). During all these years I have contributed to the project by spreading the CMS, organizing a Joomla! Day Spain in Zaragoza , and above all, developing dozens of extensions and open source templates, which first with the Zaragoza Online brand and then with Aixeena reached more than a million downloads.

Now is the time to resume my activity as a developer of free GNU extensions for Joomla 4 , under the brand name ASM (AlgoSeMueve). It is my intention to contribute again to the project.

The extensions that I will be releasing in the coming months will always be in line with achieving maximum efficiency with Joomla 4 as CMS . They are extensions that I develop for my projects, always seeking maximum control of the code, excellence in SEO On Page, and trying to create simple development spaces that serve to solve complex needs.

Put Joomla! 4 on your site is one of my goals . Who already knows me, knows about my devotion to this CMS: I use it as a Framework and it allows me to work easily and quickly on complex projects, especially those that require an agile level of user control, such as virtual offices and intrantets.

In reference to on-page SEO , I want to turn Joomla 4 into an unbeatable CMS in this regard. 

At the moment we have a PageSpeed ​​of 100 on mobile phones and 99 on desktop , which is not bad to start with, right? >> [ VER tiene un 100 en PageSpeed Insights
If you take a look at the source code of the web, you can see that I do not use external CSS files , nor any Javascript library (betting as a test for native Javascript) , I have added headers that Joomla! It does not incorporate by default and a little compression of the resulting HTML , which is a freak that I have always liked:

Siempre me ha gustado tener un código HTML resultante limpio

I have developed a script to manage the subject of Cookies , I did not find anything that convinced me and I have created one:  ASM Cookie Consent Advice Script

ASM Cookie Consent Advice Script

Soon I will be releasing and publishing extensions, as well as an article to help consolidate Joomla 4 as the best CMS in the market.

If you have any questions or suggestions you can contact me  at ,  via  Twitter ) or  Linked In  ( ).



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